Yago Santos is currently one of the most renowned composer and contemporary flamenco guitar virtuoso worldwide. Disciple of Rafael Riqueni, his classical and contemporary background provides a unique approach to Flamenco and Spanish music
1st International Paco de Lucía in Memoriam Prize”

International Guitar Festival of Seville, Spain

Summa Cum Laude distinction”

Berklee College of Music


             Yago Santos Solo Recital
A Contemporary Flamenco Guitar recital of his upcoming LP. 

               Yago Santos Group Setting
After touring all over the world, Yago offers a concert with his original compositions arranged for outstanding world class musicians. 


                     Yago Santos Composer
Yago Santos is nowadays one of the most prolific Spanish composers worldwide. His incursion in the industry has updated spanish and Flamenco language opening new paths for the coming generations.

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